Global modelling of the space weather chain

24 -28 October 2016


Aalto University, Espoo, Finland



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Global numerical simulations covering the Sun, heliosphere and the terrestrial magnetosphere-ionosphere systems are becoming increasingly important as new technologies are vulnerable to space weather hazards. On the other hand, new methodologies, and recently developed computing capabilities allow us to develop new couplings between the interfaces which account for different spatial and temporal scales. In addition, these capabilities allow to some extent the prediction of solar wind parameters of large-scale solar eruptions which are the most critical for improving space weather forecasts (e.g. magnetic field direction and magnitude, solar wind speed and dynamic pressure).


This event brings together solar, heliospheric, magnetospheric, and ionospheric communities to discuss the current state and future challenges in global modelling of the entire space weather chain. Major developments in forecasting space weather, and understanding the effects of solar eruptions requires increased communication and collaboration of these often rather distinct communities.


We look forward to seeing you in Helsinki.

Aalto University