Global modelling of the space weather chain

24 -28 October 2016


Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

Workshop Programme


The workshop programme is now available and can be downloaded HERE (last updated 21-October-2016)



Invited Speakers:


Tahar Amari


Richard Boynton


Michele Cash


Natasha Ganushkina


David Jackson



Maria Kuznetsova


Tiera Laitinen


Giovanni Lapenta


Jon A. Linker


Bill Lotko


Xuanye Ma


Christian Möstl


Antti Pulkkinen


Minna Palmroth


Yuri Shprits



Gabor Toth






CNRS, France


University of Sheffield, UK


NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center


Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland


MET Office, UK





Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland


KU Leuven, Belgium


Predictive Science Inc


Dartmouth College USA


University of Alaska Fairbanks


OEAW, Graz, Austria




Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland


GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences and University of Potsdam


University of Michigan






Modeling and formation of CME flux rope


Systems science approach to modelling space weather


Solar wind and CME modelling: CMEs and heliosphere


Modelling of the low energy electron environment with IMPTAM


Progress in the development of operation space weather forecasts at the MET office


Model Integration within CCMC


24/7 Space Weather modeling at Finnish Meteorological Institute


Local kinetic simulations of geopspace


Modeling of Coronal Mass Ejections


Simulations of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling


Local Modelling of Kelvin Helmholtz Instabilities at the Magnetopause


Semi-empirical modelling of CME propagation


Modeling Geomagnetically Induced Currents


Vlasiator HybridVlasov simulation of near Earth space


Forecasting the radiation belt environment



Modelling Integration within the Space Weather Modelling Framework





Aalto University